Endeavor to Persevere

Like many men my age, I’m a Clint Eastwood fan. His characters have defined manhood to me. He’s tough, of course. He’s always tough but there’s plenty of pain. Often in the movie there will have been some great ‘wrong’ committed and he will ‘right it’. Usually there will be criticism about how he sets the course straight. He will, though, straighten it.

My favorite of his movies is ‘The Outlaw Josie Wales’. The scene I never get tired of seeing is when he first encounters the character played by Chief Dan George, Lone Watie. I found a clip of it on YouTube:



I’ve always wondered just how much sarcasm to take from ‘Endeavor to Persevere’.  It seems like good advice to me.  If you don’t take this attitude, how do you accomplish anything?

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