Life is Too Damned Short – Scotch

I found myself in Glasgow, Scotland in January 2017.  Call me shallow and uninformed, but when I think of Scotland, I think of wool, beef and scotch whiskey.

I did buy some wool garments and I enjoyed a few steaks.  The many whiskeys, though, I only got a start.

There was a nice place on Ashton Lane called Jinty McQuinty’s Pub.  There was a selection.  Yes, a selection!

Jinty McGuinty’s Pub

How does a man decide when all he knows is that he wants to try.  All of these choices.  All with labels that seem so authentically Scottish.  Lovely labels!  Interesting bottles!  Each has a story.  I think I’ll get around to researching some of them and repeating the stories here.  A project for later.

My, but there was a selection!

Jinty McGuinty’s Pub – so many choices!

I did discover a very good one.  I found it prominently on the menus in several fine restaurants.  It was an exceptional way to start a meal.

I will admit that I didn’t really struggle trying to determine what to order.  My oldest son had requested that I return to the United States with a bottle of Auchentoshan Three Wood.  I told him I would do that.  I needed to try it before buying it.



Needless to say, I did like it and recommend it.  I made the purchase.







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